Examplar 2

After understand the ways in which projections could be used in photography and fashion i began looking into projects that combined projection mapping techniques with fashion and i stumbled across the works of Nobumichi Asai.  The Japanese producer and director uses 3d projection mapping to blast visuals onto human faces turning his subjects into terrifying cyborgs, leopards and geishas without the use of prosthetics or the application of heavy make up. He did this by training a few projections points on the face and then digitally projecting the makeup across the model’s features.




For this project Asai says “i  upped his toolkit from one computer to five, so that he can use one for sensing light and evenness of the skin, two for rendering the projections, one for controlling the projections, and one for background music.”  Which he explains allows for more realistic paint look on his subjects faces.

Asai’s work changes the way we think of prothetic make up  in the traditional sense. His work proposes a different view on the future of the art itself, as technology continue to progress it is possible that rather than having to go through hours of seating for the makeup artist to finish the prosthetics  they would be able to simply project the look onto the character’s face.

His work whilst being significantly different  still shares similar elements with my project. The idea is to create or suggest possible alternative ways for things to be done. I will be using technique to map on to clothing and mannequins to demonstrate a new way to displays and advertise stock in display windows. My work will involve projecting graphics onto clothing to change their appearances,themes and trends. For this, i will incorporate Mueller’s work by experimenting with various patterns and effects on a dress.




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