Examplars 1

At the start of my project after deciding what my project was about i did a little digging into previous projects and installations. To help develop my idea and get a sense of what i wanted to be incorporate in my final piece for the showcase.

Understanding previous designers work and how they over came certain challenges will help with overcoming future challenges as project progresses.

Projections have been used in marketing campaigns for quite some time so it was only that it found its way to the fashion industry.

Photographer John French was one of the first artist and photographer to make use of projections in  the fashion industry. He began using projections in his photographs in the 60’s by projecting floral patterns in on model’s faces and body created a new medium of Art photography.

floral-projection-on-model-1960s-photo-john-french john french 2

Over the years many photographers have followed in his footsteps and with HD colour projectors and state of the art digital image manipulation softwares the possibilities for creating stunning images are endless.

Tom Eshchar is an example of one following in John’s footsteps he created a project using naked models in various poses with a range of quite different images projected onto them. From angel wings to a painting, some of the projections consumed the model’s form while others became visibly integrated within the image.

0a347949c4b38f1747814f866f6baaa5 bd1ea640c9a0d068461818fbae2b901a

Ema Mueller on the other hand took a very different approach to this technique. she uses nude models along with her projections different patterns to create a different interaction between the model and the projections. The projections are tailored to fit inside the model’s frame and each image interacts with the pose. For example, the model with a money projection holds a strong powerful pose while carrying shopping bags.


Using projections with photographic is very closely linked with my idea since my final piece will involve projecting onto mannequins and dresses to create interesting captures. However, whilst being closely linked their work does differ from mine in a few ways. Both French and Mueller focus on the Art in the technique, the images in this case are still, and whilst they are tailored to fit the model’s pose they are otherwise inactive. This little difference is what makes them suitable for photographs and less suitable for installations. Their work does however provide creative ideas for my final for piece.

French and Muller both imagined the endless possibilities for the use of projections in photography the images being projected may be used to add interesting details on the model’s face, body and in some cases clothing or accessory. This then led me to researching on my next exemplar.





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