Production challenges

After making the prototype I purchased the materials i would need for the project. A small portable Hd projector, white dress and a dress hoop. The dress hoop was to placed underneath the dress to make the bottom half bigger and wider. After making my prototype i decided that the projection would require a wider dress to give the presentation i wanted, a bigger dress means  there is a screen for the projections.

In this production of ‘Penny & The Magic Dress” Designer Kumka and his team projected onto singer Penny Baltatzi dress during her performance of the song Demons and diamonds. In this case they needed to created a bigger screen for the dress but they used wires to hold it edges up on both sides to create a semi circle.

I chose to use a skirt hoop instead as this does the same job whilst still keeping the original shape of the dress and make for a better presentation.



Once the dress was bought i began the testing process again to make sure everything ran smoothly later.  The tests proved to be unsuccessful as i had trouble mapping round my dress without distorting the images.  The problem was that the since the dress was much larger now the projections had a lot more space to cover and so by time i had finished reshaping a squared mask into the shape of the dress the video would have begun to look stretched and distorted.

I tried solving the problem by creating a mask in adobe after effects and animating the graphics directly onto the dress but this didn’t work out either. I was unable to change my display out to my projector in after effects.

To solve this problem i decided to try new projection mapping softwares like Madmapper and VPT to see if they allowed for more flexible video masking.

I found Madmapper to be the most suitable as it allowed me to create a mask by drawing around the shape of the dress and without affecting the content thereby creating a dress shape mask to project.

MadMapper also allowed me to work in Resolume, create some of the effects and then transfer the output back to Madmapper to be projected.

Once the problem was solved it became clear that whilst projecting onto a dress would make for a great show reel, the initial idea of being able to advertise the shops clothing was lost.

Referring back to my secondary research and the purpose of a window, the idea was to present  a way by which the store will promote their new line and by using this method projecting onto a dress would only work if all their products were dresses. Even if they were dresses the shape and style had already been changed because of the dress hoop since i had to make the dress bigger.  Bottom projecting graphics and effects on dresses didn’t fit with the original idea.

I referred to my research on shop windows and their overall purpose. I began thinking of ways to keep to incorporate the original idea of showcase the products.

The idea to project onto a mannequin instead of a dress came to mind and from there the project began to evolve. Since a mannequin had more of a complex shape than a dress i decided to test it out.







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