After deciding on a  final idea the next step to take was to create a prototype. The reason for this is test out whether the idea works and how it will work.

In my case it will help me work out angle for the projector to give the results. Projecting on a 3d dress can be tricky because unlike cubes which have angles the dress will have more curves. So the next on the list was to create mockups of the idea and prototype the projection in a real life setting.

I began my gather some A3 white paper and arranging them out to look like fabric.


After this was done the edges needed to be stuck together like this.

photo 2

Once this as done the next step was to find a dress pattern to make the dress from.

photo 3


Then i began tracing around the dress with a marker.

.photo 4


The end result was the outline of a dress

photo 5


After this is was pretty much straight forward i cut out the outline and was left the dress shaped paper.  The paper then seemed to floppy and flat so i glued some cardboard behind it and to give some support.

I made a stand with a pole and a bucket because i didn’t want to stick it to the wall. The point of the was to give the illusion of it being 3d since a model was going to be wearing the dress.

here is the finished product !

photo 6


I will then trace the dress and experiment with different content for the projections.

Here is the final result.

proto 2 prototype 1

The software i used is Resolume Arena, with it i was able to map around the shape of the dress relatively easy. However, whilst i was manipulating the angles and curves around the dress i noticed that this method doesn’t work with very complex shapes and it took a couple of tries to get it right as the projected effects came out distorted like the image below.

proto 3







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