Idea development.

initial idea 1

My initial idea involved mapping projections onto various shapes and cubes the content would have great visuals that allowed for much manipulation. After having put more though into it and consulted my tutors i discovered  a great deal of things that led to me dropping the idea.

  • Projecting on cubes or shapes are great for but they have  been done to death!  the idea try something fresh and new that incorporating element of  fashion and the brands and cubes or other shapes just don’t do that in the way i want.
  • found the idea to simplistic.

2nd idea was to experiment with motion tracking and projections but that didn’t go far either as they were too may limitations.

  • Given my little experience with face tracking softwares and how they work this idea just didn’t seem reasonable.
  •  There isn’t enough time to produce something so complicated on such on scale.
  • no access to face tracking softwares.
  • price would have been too costly.


Final idea

I came up with the idea to replace to the usual window extravagant window displays with the the mapping of one of dress.

The model will be wearing a dress that will be mapped and projected onto. this allows for much creativity and has a crowd pleasing factor whilst still been different, affordable ( more affordable than hiring a window display designer who charge between £10,000 – 25,000) . The idea also allows for the  advertising of trends and clothing lines.

It could also be modified to be used permanently and replace the regular window displays.




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