What’s out there?

projection has become more popular in advertising and promotion for many companies and their product. So to come up with an idea for my project the first thing i did was to brainstorm  ideas and words and came to mind.

projection ideas brainstorm

After this, i knew where to search for inspiration. Since i know i’m gonna be creating a projection mapping showcase the next step was to research previous works that incorporated things from my brainstorm.

here is some previous productions that inspired my ideas.

Lci mannequin projection mapping.

live performance projection

efa7bf57f404973c5f9c7ce9261a14a3 fashion_projection_2_by_4frogm-d3dvrio images 3edf336898d603cb48575a9139d9df32 6a8e177939a8742651e296bb3246169b 2012-high-fashion-in-paris_2_1           aa60e89b67fa979e1dfc1a39be68e5c1


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