My final year Projection mapping project.

For my final year project i chose to do something with projection mapping, I study digital media and projection mapping and other forms of digital installations have always picked my interest.

So to begin my development process i did some research on what was out there about projection mapping since prior to this i had little to no experience with the medium.

here is some of what i found out there !



Japaneese media artist Nobumichi Asai and make up artist Hiroto Kuwahara collaborated with ohter technical directors to explore the use of projection mapping in the creating of movie characters.  With the help of 3d laser face tracking they were able to produce this.

Small scale !

projection mapping experiment using a bottle.



Projecting onto Nike’s air max shoe brand.


Large scale example !

projection mapping buildings



LG advertising campaign

I talk more about my research in my proposal.

It is clear that projection mapping can be used on anything and everywhere depending on the scale of project.

It’s eye grabbing factor makes it one of the best mediums for advertisement.


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